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Jamie Hardrock – Chief Mining Elf

Santa's Message - Always Share Your Toys and Gifts

What if I told you that Santa doesn't bring coal anymore? What if I said there was a much better surprise happening at the North Pole?

Our Chief Mining Elf discovered rock candy! So now Santa flies by the naughty children's houses and leaves candy for the good children, instead. This endearing tale with beautiful and colorful pictures told in rhyme explains the little-known goings-on at the Hard Rock Candy Mine at the top of the world.

Santa's message at the end of this story is a crucial one, reminding that everyone needs to share! Whether it is toys, games, or treats, the world is a better place when we share what we have.

About Santa's Elf Series© by the author, Joe Moore:

Even as I was writing the first novel in the Santa Claus Trilogy, I envisioned an entire world at the top of the globe. I knew the most die-hard believer in Santa Claus would realize that this magical gift-giver would need assistance in achieving his task at Christmas.

So I began to think about who these helpers were, and what their responsibilities to Santa might be. Then I started writing. And to my surprise, as I wrote, the stories came out of me in rhyme! The cadence and beat of the verses were lyrical. As I spoke to others, including a good many teachers and librarians, they told me this was the easiest way for children to learn and that I should keep the verses coming.

As Santa, I also heard from parents about their frustrations trying to instruct their children in the primary lessons of life; such as picking up after themselves, being polite, sharing, brushing their teeth, and so on. So I put a special message from Santa Claus at the end of each story about each of these lessons. Even complex problems like bullying, showing gratitude, and listening to elders get addressed in these books. It never hurts to learn these lessons throughout the year.

I wrote 12 books in this series, each focusing on a particular elf and their role to Santa. My wife and illustrator, Mary, is doing her best to get these magical tales drawn and into your child's hands. Since she works so hard fully illustrating every page and includes elements like shapes, colors, and even geography, it takes her a little while to complete each book. We have a half dozen released and more "in the works."

I have already heard about new traditions started during Christmas with my Santa Claus Trilogy and families. I am hoping that these will also become part of your celebrations.

Make Santa's Elf Series© a new tradition for your family and collect the entire series. The following is a list of the currently published books in the series:

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Carol Joynote, Chief Music Coordinator

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