Kat Tales: Original Stories and Novels - Number Eight - October 2020

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Publisher Description

Original Stories and Novels by Kathryn Kaleigh

Each issue contains a complete novel and at least five full short stories.

Each issue is an anthology of Kathryn's different stories including historical romance, time travel romance, and sweet wholesome contemporary. Most issues contain stories from her different series, but some issues have standalone stories not part of a series.

In this issue:


The Daffodils

Jacqueline Steele had watched the seasons come and go, tumbling over each other one after the other, but spring was her favorite. For so many reasons.

Nothing said spring like the sweet rich scent of the daffodil plants.

Sometimes the simplest of things made the longest lasting impacts.

A heartwarming tale of a love that survives forever.

Map of the Heart

Though airplane pilot Riley Monroe sacrificed a lot for her career, she still carried fond memories of Pittsburgh where she grew up.

She had left more than just her childhood behind.

Little did she know that a flight scheduled by Noah Worthington would open up a path she thought closed off forever.

Iowa Time Whispers

Irelyn complied with her family's expectations as far as her career went. But her own time, she dedicated to her art.

With a new job looming, and one week left before her time was no longer her own, she set off on a Mississippi riverboat cruise.

But would her dream vacation turn deadly?

Southern Ice and Fire

Samantha Winter took on a project of the utmost importance to her country.

This project required help. Help from other women – not just friends, but strangers as well. Pulling together, the women served a vital function to the Confederacy.

While helping the cause, the ladies find themselves working closely with soldiers. What starts as an act of patriotism leads to something more.

Magic of Christmas

Left to tend her grandparents' ranch, big city architect Eva found herself back in the country. Feeding horses. Mucking stalls. A bittersweet experience saddled with tons of happy memories.

Years ago, Mason let Eva walk away without ever telling her how he felt. Both dreamed big dreams that took them in different directions.

Being friends again could open all sorts of doors…

A heartwarming and intensely engaging short story by bestselling writer Kathryn Kaleigh. Christmas romance with all the trimmings.


Wait for Me

Trapped for the long months of the siege, the residents of Vicksburg retreat into hiding.

Isabella Quinn must focus above all else on surviving. But her past unexpectedly grasps her attention.

Benjamin Richardson must protect civilians without distraction.

What will they do to survive the siege?

An enchanting and spellbinding historical romance set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.

10 October
Kathryn Kaleigh

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