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In her latest book, The Knitting Handbook; Learn What Equipment You Need to Knit, the Basics of Knitting, How to Read Written Patterns and Charts, Florence Schultz teaches you everything you need to know to get started knitting. This book is written for beginners, but more experienced knitters will appreciate the easy to understand instructions and images found in this book to expand their knitting skills.

In this book Florence starts with the basics of yarn and needles. She discusses the different types of yarn fibers yarn weights, and covers the various types of knitting needles used today. Charts are provided with yarn weights and of US, Metric, and UK/Canadian knitting needle sizes for you reference. Next Florence teaches you about the importance of gauge in knitting, and how to knit up a gauge swatch to compare to a pattern. She also teaches you how to read a yarn label so you can choose the perfect yarn for your next knitted project.

The next chapter teaches you basic knitting skills. These are skills every knitter should know and Florence's easy to understand language and large clear images make these skills easy to grasp. In this chapter you will learn the following:
3 Methods of Casting OnHow to Bind Off a ProjectThe Knit StitchThe Purl StitchThe Slip StitchKnit 2 Together (k2tog)Slip Slip Knit (ssk)How to Change ColorsHow to Use a Life LineHow to Pick Up a Dropped Stitch
The instructions are written for beginners, but if you already know how to knit you will find this chapter a welcome refresher.

Florence then moves onto reading and working from written patterns. She provides you with a chart of the most commonly used knitting abbreviations and guides you through reading and working from a written pattern with an example of a wavy dishcloth.

Knitting charts are a wonderful tool, and if you know how to read them and knit from them you open up an entire world of knitting patterns. Florence explains how to read a knitting chart, the symbols used by today's designers, and she also gives examples of charts for you to explore. Each chart includes a written pattern so you can compare the two and completely understand how charts represent patterns in knitting.

In the Knitting Handbook Florence Schultz shares her many years of experience and knowledge with you to teach you the basics of knitting, and how to read written patterns and knitting charts with easy to understand instructions and lots of large clear images. Don't miss out on this informative book, get your copy today!

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