Lessons in Artistic Deep Breathing for Strengthening the Voice Lessons in Artistic Deep Breathing for Strengthening the Voice

Lessons in Artistic Deep Breathing for Strengthening the Voice

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CHAPTER I.—Observations. This Chapter is devoted to a full description of the theory of Deep Breathing

CHAPTER II.— Explanations. All the technical terms, commonly used In teaching Deep Breathing, are fully explained, and all descriptions are rendered simple and easy. These explanations will enable any person to understand the subject thoroughly

CHAPTER III.—Rules for Guidance in Exercising. There are seven Rules in this Chapter, which, if kept constantly In mind, will render errors impossible

CHAPTER IV.—General Exercises arranged for pupils who are in fairly good health.

No. 1. Standing Position for Breathing

- 2. Sitting Position for Breathing

- 3. Lying Position for Breathing

- 4. Position of Shoulders for Breathing

- 5. Position of Upper Chest for Breathing

- 6. Light Abdominal Breathing

- 7. Single Nostril Breathing

- 8. Nasal Expansion

- 9. The Drop Movement

- 10. Rapid Nostril Breathing

- 11. Pull Abdominal Breathing

- 12. Holding the Breath

- 13. Contraction Exercises

- 14. Attenuated Inhalation

- 15. Attenuated Exhalation

- 16. Dizzy Exercise

- 17. Pipe-stem Packing Exercise

- 18. Pipe-stem Exhausting Exercise

- 19. Pipe-stem Inhalation

- 20. Pipe-stem Exhalation

- 21. Pipe-Stem Respiration

- 22. Pipe-stem Forcible Exhalation

- 23. Extreme Natural Exhalation

- 24. Extreme Natural Inhalation

- 25. Breathing on Pull Lungs

- 26. Breathing on Empty Lungs

- 27. Instantaneous Mouth Inhalation

- 28. Instantaneous Nostril Inhalation

- 29. Counting In One Breath

- 30. Walking while Inhaling

- 31. Walking while Exhaling

- 32. Walking while Inhaling and Holding the Breath

- 33. A. Nervo-Muscular Gymnastic Applied to Breathing

- 34. Chest Tapping Exercise

- 35. Kneading the Chest

- 36. Raising the Chest by Abdominal Pressure

- 37. Chest-stretching Exercise

- 38. Side Breathing

- 39. Spot Breathing

- 40. Natural Packing, Instep Action

- 41. Natural Packing, Level Arm Motion

CHAPTER V. Calisthenic Drill in Deep Breathing. For use in schools, colleges, academies, or universities, when the pupils are of any age exceeding fourteen years

CHAPTER VI. Calisthenic Drill In Deep Breathing for children;

CHAPTER VII. Exercises for persons of weak lungs, or those who are in ill-health

CHAPTER VIII Exercises for Invalids who are very weak

CHAPTER IX. Exercises designed merely for developing the strength and muscular flexibility of the body, and for enlarging the chest

CHAPTER X. Special Cases.

CHAPTER XI. - Thorough drill. The method of self-training in artistic deep breathing.

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