Minimalist Living

2 Books in 1: Declutter Your Mind + Minimalist Budget using Minimalism Essentials to Declutter, Organize and Simplify Your Life

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Publisher Description

If you want to know how this new, proven revolutionary lifestyle can help free you from worry, stress and financial problems while helping you live a healthier life, read on...

In Minimalist Living: 2 Books in 1: Declutter Your Mind + Minimalist Budget using Minimalism Essentials to Declutter, Organize and Simplify Your Life, you will discover:

- The powerful method used by success gurus such as Brian Tracy in order to help you focus on your most important priorities to save you time and free you from unnecessary stress

- Ten warning signs to look out for in order to avoid getting mental clutter and let it affect your life

- Eight helpful ways that would dramatically shift your thinking from negative to positive

- Nine benefits on how meditation can help free  you from thoughts of worry and anxiety

- How to get more done in less time to avoid getting overwhelmed mentally and physically

- Seven strategies that are easy to implement for achieving the necessary work-life balance

- How to effectively declutter your home to free up more space and provide a better stress-free environment

- The benefits of a less is more minimalist lifestyle and how to start freeing yourself from things you don’t really need

- A Bonus Chapter on being free from Digital Clutter - featuring eight proven ways on how to achieve digital decluttering and not let all the noise affect you

- The main reason why your mind is filled with so much clutter - and how you can fix it

- Eight simple ways you can apply instantly to start saving money

- How to dramatically shift your thinking from a negative mindset to a positive one when it comes to money

- Six strategies you can use in order to budget the right way

- Easy steps on how you can come up with a financial plan that lets you both save more and earn more

- A seven-part solution in order to free you from compulsive spending once and for all

- A powerful budgeting strategy that would help align your spending with your money-saving goals

- Bonus Chapter on saving money when dealing with the five biggest areas that take up more than 50% of our expenses

- Eleven practical techniques to help you get out of debt - regardless of the amount
... and much, much more!

With easy-to-follow techniques on each chapter to help you get immediate results - even if you have tried all the Budgeting books out there but not getting significant results, have a very busy lifestyle or have never tried Minimalism or Mindfulness before, you can experience freedom from mental clutter, fix your financial situation and improve your life overall with this bundle on Minimalist Living.

So if you want to experience stress-free living and get relief from both mental and digital clutter and financial issues, click the “Add To Cart” button now.

Health & Well-Being
22 October
E.C. Publishing

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