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Long ago, a remnant of the children of Israel returned to Jerusalem. Through great difficulties, the temple was rebuilt. However, the complete restoration of the testimony of God also included the rebuilding of the city and its wall. From the first return of the remnant under Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple, until the time that Nehemiah rebuilt the wall and set the city in order, took about 100 years. During this period of restoring the wall, there was a great danger of all they had accomplished being destroyed. The wall and the city had to be rebuilt. Then the full restoration would be complete.

      In the same way, God’s call to His people today is to come out of the complexity and the perplexity of the world (Babylon) and return to the simplicity that is in Christ (Jerusalem), gathering together unto His name.

      What is the concern of your heart today? Is it that since you live comfortably, you do not care for the testimony of Jesus? True, it will be difficult for those who want to maintain the testimony of Jesus. There will be many afflictions and reproaches. Your brothers and sisters are already on the verge of spiritual annihilation. Do you give yourself to prayer for the Lord’s testimony? Do you plead with God on their behalf? If you do, I believe the burden of the Lord will come upon you—as with Nehemiah—to go back and rebuild the wall and city. Oh, that God’s people may be built up together for the testimony of Jesus and the glory of God!

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April 27
Christian Fellowship Publishers

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