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Ravaged by Pixies
The swarm of pixies stared at me with their threatening eyes as they circled around… Scared and alone, I backed against the wall and prayed to any god that would listen.

Venturing into a mineshaft alone on a dare, Jamie finds herself surrounded by pixies. With small creatures fluttering all around her, Jamie suddenly realizes there is much more to the mythical creatures than just their tiny wings.
Jamie’s body turns into an erotic and magical playground for the pixies as she attempts to find the way out of the dark caverns.

This story is raw, dark and very erotic. Can Jamie find her way out of the mines or will she forever be lost to the mythical pixies? Will she even want to leave?

Pixies Tore Me a New One
Kate is a witch that enjoys spending time in her room playing with her adult toys. Little does she know but pixies have been watching her eagerly waiting to pleasure her. Today is the day.

Will Katie take her powers too far? Will her body be able to withstand the addiction? What happens when she learns how to conjure pixies with endless stamina, hard cocks that never go down and an imagination of the weirdest, cutest little creatures she can think of?

Some things are better left untouched and unexplained.

That's the mindset this small town has had for the past thousand years. Until Amy comes along and decides to prove everyone wrong.
There are things in the shadows. Dark and terrible things that should never be let loose. Especially when those creatures are dark, twisted and filled with lust.
These beasts crave one thing. Her. Because she doesn't believe.
Join Amy as she embarks on a journey that will crumble her world and pull her into the darkness.

Never turn off the lights. Never venture into ancient and forbidden burial grounds.

This story is for adults 18+. Contains scenes of **graphic sex** and cursing.

Fiction & Literature
December 9
Jezebel Rose

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