Productivity: What They Should Have Taught You in School About Goal Setting, Time Management, Self-Discipline, Procrastination, Habits, and Mental Toughness

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If you're looking for ways to increase productivity instead of wasting your time procrastinating, then read on.

Do you often find yourself distracted? Or do you feel like you just want to set aside and ignore your to-do list? This is a classic case of procrastination. But don't worry – you're not alone.

In fact, according to a survey, 88% of the workforce procrastinate at least one hour a day. Procrastination is so common that some can brush off an hour wasted as a common excuse. You might think: Everybody does that, anyway. But this is a serious problem no matter how much (or little) time of your day gets wasted because of it.

It all starts with tiny bad habits affecting focus and productivity. These bad habits include being distracted because of notifications from your gadgets or the constant need to check your social media. Multi-tasking can also be counter-productive and instead of achieving more in a day, you achieve less or nothing at all. A survey even shows that the lack of rest or sleep affects productivity. All these are habitual responses to either the distraction around or to the scope of things to work on in a day. Nonetheless, they are impacting your life negatively.

The good thing is that you can ditch them. Psychological studies proved that habitual responses such as bad habits could be replaced by better ones to achieve success. This book will help you get there.

Doing so wouldn't be effortless. The road to productivity entails mental toughness and a deep desire and motivation to change what was to something that matters. From changing bad habits to proper mind setting; from beating laziness to carefully managing your time and energy. Slowly but surely, this book will make it easier for you to have a new mindset towards a better quality of life.

You might have come across other books about productivity, and they still didn't work their magic on you. But this book is different. It gives you a guide on how to be more productive and helps you understand vital concepts revolving around it. It tackles procrastination, habits, mindsetting, and goal-setting in such a way that it will increase your productivity tremendously.

Here's a quick look at how this book can help improve your productivity:                                                                                                            
- Identifying reasons for your lack of productivity and why you procrastinate.
- Looking at the effects of stress on productivity and how being unproductive can also cause you stress.
- Changing your mindset towards work or accomplishing your tasks.
- Setting goals you can achieve throughout the day
- Finding and maintaining focus despite distractions.
- Managing your time correctly and effectively.
- Understanding the hustle culture and its do's and don'ts.
- Cultivating mental toughness and harnessing the power of self-control and self-discipline.
- Converting small bad habits into high-performing positive routines that last.
- Providing strategies for further growth in management and productivity.

Page by page, you'll open yourself up to a brand new life where you master your time and embrace a stress-free way of getting things done.

So, stop dilly-dallying! Get this book now and adopt extraordinary changes to skyrocket your productivity.

Health & Well-Being
9 March
Deon Hillman

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