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Some of us seem to have let the resurrection drift to a very distant—perhaps for some, a non-existent—place in our preaching. Where this is so, it is entirely out of harmony with biblical gospel proclamation. I urge you to sit down with your Bible and prayerfully, carefully read through the book of Acts. There we find genuine, Holy Spirit-filled preaching of the good news of Jesus Christ. You will observe there the prominence, sometimes even the primacy, of Christ’s resurrection. A dying Savior purchased our pardon; a living Savior proved the Father’s acceptance of His sacrifice! We must not separate these two glorious works of Christ, these two mighty pillars of the gospel.  With this in mind, we offer the latest volume of the Free Grace BroadcasterResurrection. God’s people need this blessed, encouraging truth impressed upon their hearts. It is indeed food for the believer’s hungry soul. Charles Spurgeon leads the way by showing us the importance of the resurrection as gospel truth. Even in his day, many were straying from or distorting this essential doctrine. J. C. Ryle points out the remarkable contrast between the fact of the resurrection and the slowness of Christ’s disciples to believe it! Albert N. Martin then sets before us four truths about Christ’s rising from the dead that magnify its glory and splendor. What is the evidence for our Lord’s resurrection? William S. Plumer examines and details it for us, and then Thomas Manton describes the numerous benefits believers receive from it—what a treasure chest! That mighty preacher from the Great Awakening, George Whitefield, explains the power of the resurrection in the Christian’s soul, and David Martyn Lloyd-Jones demonstrates the crucial connection between Christ’s resurrection and the believer’s daily life. Finally, Charles Spurgeon gets the last word on this glorious subject: he tells us that Christ was the first to rise again and that the believer’s resurrection is guaranteed because of it! Let us praise the name of the Lord!

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February 22
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