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"The spurned underage teen sulks in her bedroom, mourning the lost relationship with a boy. She doesn't want it to end. She loves him, or at least she thinks she does. She'll do anything to keep him in her life. She pulls out her cell phone and removes her clothing. She snaps a nude self-portrait to send to the boy. 'See what you're missing?' she taps on the tiny keypad before sending it off ... The boy receives the picture on his cell phone. He can't believe what he sees. Titillated by it, he forwards it to several friends. They forward it to more people. Before long, most of the school sees the image of the minor girl trying to lure back her ex-boyfriend." (1) "Katelyn was 15 years old and in love with her 16-year-old boyfriend, Dillon. So, when he asked her to take a naked picture of herself with her cell phone and send it to him, she did. She thought this would be something just the two of them could share and that doing so would show him how much she loved him. But when Dillon broke up with her three weeks later, she started noticing kids at her school giggling behind her back. She soon realized why this was happening when her two best friends came to her and showed her their cell phones, which contained the picture she had sent to Dillon. Her friends told her that the picture had been forwarded to them ... and that almost everyone in school had seen the photo or now had it on their phone ... She was called printable names like slut, whore, and easy ... Katelyn was devastated. Her grades dropped and she no longer wanted to go to school or socialize with other kids ..." (2)

Professional & Technical
September 22
Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

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