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Around 3000 daily life sentences | the most common words: After, Against, All, Around, Away, Back, Before, Call, Carry, Come, Continue, Down, Ever, Fall, Give, Go, Hold, Into, Just, Keep, Lead, Leave, Let, Lie/Lay, Like, Look, Make, Name, Once, Off, On, Out, Over, Pull, Push, Put, Quality, Remain, Run, Set, Since, Stand, Take, Through, Throw, Turn, Up, Upon, Value, Way

Sample This:

01 – English Sentences -- After

Period (a particular length of time) + After
[This Pattern Is Used To Denote “Following Something In Time”]
Area was cordoned off an hour after the incident.
A picture was released a day after the attack.
Statement came 10 days after police claim.
The committee was formed two days after expose.
She had gone missing a few days after her husband was kidnapped.
He was saved a few days after other members were rescued.
She was killed weeks after returning from years in exile.
The shooting came less than a year after a massacre at main market.
That was more than 10 years after we had seen each other last.
She received a call soon after at her residence.
Soon after being informed by people, police swung into action.
Chopper collided mid-air shortly after take-off from an air base here.
The satellite started malfunctioning shortly after its deployment in orbit.
People will remember the song long after we are gone.
A week after abducted executive rescued, city has been rocked by abduction.
Three months after she took over reins of the state, she fulfilled her poll promises.
Two days after she got married, a 22-year old woman won the prestigious award.
Three days after hundred patients were treated, fifty more were admitted.

Noun + After + Noun
[This pattern is used to show something happens many times or continuously.]
He missed opportunity after opportunity.
Village has been caught in controversy after controversy.

You Can Also Use The Following Patterns:
One + Noun + After + Another
He missed one opportunity after another.
Village has been caught in one controversy after another.
The industry at large has faced one pain after another.
He indulged in one scam after another.

One After The Other
He established loyalty with three persons one after the other.
Events are taking place one after the other.
Many enemies came into his life one after the other.
One after the other, the survivors came out, each better than the other.
There were false allegations one after the other.

Two Events
Second Event (Simple Past) + After + First Event (Past Perfect)
I returned after he had gone.
He came after night had fallen.
I reached after the train had already left.

She named his daughter after Lincoln.
The scheme (was) named after Party founder.
Indian NSG was modelled after their UK’s SAS.
My dog went after the thief.
Passengers said they heard a loud explosion after which the bus hurtled down.

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