Stories From Papi: Volume 2

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A collection of 10 Short Children's stories about animals, relationships, challenges and how they succeed and fail. Meet Froggie, Grackle, Snake, Stork, Rabbit and many others as they deal with everyday life. Sometimes they'll go on an adventure, and sometimes they'll stay home to deal with things. Get to know them as they plan parties, help those in need and heal. Connect with them as they fall in love, work out differences and learn from each other. Welcome them into your life as they deal with violence, loss and lessons learned.

Kids and parents alike will love the characters and humor of these lovable, and sometimes despicable little animals.

Be warned, not all of the stories are sweet and happy. Some stories include deaths, deceitfulness, greed, pride, hate and violence. But be assured, they are all born from a dad's heart to teach his kids to love, serve and forgive.

Laugh as a pair of panties and a washcloth get stuck behind a washer.

Smile as Hedgehog tries to figure out how to get Butterfly inside her house.

Cry as Grackle finds out that Skunk's last thoughts were of her friends.

Stories in this volume are:

1. Washcloth and Panties

2. The Last Bunny

3. Raccoon Invents

4. What ou Want Me to Bee

5. Past Your Eyes

6. How to Befriend a Butterfly

7. Ant and the Flood

8. Skunk Finally Smiles

9. Stolen Acorns

10. Elephant Comes Home

Also included are humorous character profiles, multiple choice character questions and interesting factoids in every story.

Please visit for printable PDF curriculum versions of selected stories, complete with activities, a coloring page and age appropriate questions. Perfect for homeschooling.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and stay tuned..there are many more to come.

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    15 February
    Stories From Papi

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