Stranger Things Have Happened

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Publisher Description

"The Man Who Couldn't Die"Can you lie to tell the truth?Follow an unnamed man as he goes through the streets of Manila to find a mysterious caller who holds the answer to a political killing. His search for truth takes him through diners, shantytowns, and dark alleys. The more clues he finds the more questions he starts to ask. His life is suddenly turned upside down as he finally meets the man behind the voice of the mysterious phone calls. Can he tell the truth to lie or will he lie to tell the truth?***"The Stranger"Death is in the details.An old writer lives and dies with the romance and sexy serials that he writes for a local newspaper. He meets a mysterious man in a grocery store and a long time childhood friend that brought back memories of his past. His memories become more vivid and he becomes more aware of his mortality. Will he find something more to life than fancy sentences and simple details?***"Bayani"History tends to repeat itself for Jose and his family. Jose discovers facts about his family that he didn't like. His grandfather was a revolutionary hero and his father was a famed military man with a reputation to keep. As a historian with vital information in his hands, will he tell history as it is or will he try to change it? Go back in time to the tumultuous era of Marcos as Jose seeks to understand history and his place in it.***Stranger Things Have Happened is a collection of short stories.

Fiction & Literature
7 March
Joshua Berida