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CHAPTER 8 from Fifty Shades Freed

Gia arrives to discuss their blueprints for the new house, and the atmosphere is tense. Christian, himself, seems to be uncomfortable around Gia. Her flirtatious demeanor and tendency to lightly touch Christian’s arm when talking, created an unpleasant atmosphere. Christian leaves to discuss something important with Taylor, and Ana and Gia are left on their own. Ana uses this opportunity to forcibly, yet politely, tell Gia to get her hands off of Christian. Gia is flustered, but assures Ana that she will steer clear of Christian as often as possible. Christian returns and notices Gia’s cool departure. Ana eludes his implications and inquiries about his business with Taylor. Christian informs her that it’s been revealed that Jack Hyde has not been in his apartment for weeks. Christian asks her about the plans she’s made for their house to distract her from the dangerous situation still unfolding.

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