Tarot Ultimate Guide: The Supreme Guide for Learning the Art of Tarot Divination and Readings

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Publisher Description

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets that Tarot reveal about your life?

Have you been curious about learning, but not sure where to start?

Tarot Ultimate Guide is designed to be a comprehensive guide for helping you learn how to read tarot cards quickly and easily. By the time you finish this book, you will have a complete understanding of the different cards and their meanings, and even a few shortcuts that can help you to remember the meanings of your cards and read them on the fly with ease.

Within this book, you will discover a number of different concepts that relate to tarot including:

★The history of tarot

★The theory behind the use of tarot cards for divinatory purposes.

★You will learn the theory of divinatory tarot readings

★The ways that the tarot cards and divination relate to other concepts like numerology, astrology, the chakras, and even religion

★Learn the nature of divinatory tarot readings

Learn of the relationship between common Christian figures like saint peter or the four evangelists and Tarot.

Additionally, the later chapters of this book will go over:

★ The meanings of the different cards from the "minor arcana" (which are the numbered and court cards from each of the four suits)

★The meanings and associations within the four suits and how they relate to the various numbers and court positions of the minor arcana.

★The major arcana and their meanings, interpretations, and common archetypes,

★The "fool's journey" through these major arcana on his path to becoming "whole" again

By the time you finish reading through the chapters in this book, you should have a clear understanding of all of the different meanings of the cards within the tarot deck and many of the concepts and ideas that are commonly associated with those cards, as well as what they literally mean when they show up in a reading. You will have all of the tools that you will need to perform accurate and effective tarot readings for yourself or others.

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3 September
Tyler Macdonald

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