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If you think that you are small and insignificant in this vast world that God created, think again. As a teen, I was saddled with the nickname of Giggles. Usually I would break out in uncontrollable giggles at a time when I should seriously be listening. One time I said something to my best friend, Mary Beth, in choir. We started silently laughing, trying not to be heard. The pastor was preaching. I was shaking, then all of a sudden with a loud gasp, I gulped in air. Everything stopped and was deathly quiet. When I looked up, the pastor and the whole church were looking at me.

As an adult, my nickname turned from Giggles to Trouble. I didnt cause big problems; it was more just mischievousness. After saying numerous times that I would never take Precept because I could never imagine studying the Bible one verse at a time, God put me in Precept. During the study of Hebrews, I was doing my homework and got frustrated because it was difficult for me to understand. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit took control of my pen and led me to write, Lord, I Dont Understand. It only took about ten minutes. I could not have possibly written it on my own especially since this was my first writing. I promised the Lord that I would give that writing out to as many people as I could. I sent that out instead of Christmas cards that year. It is also in our church prayer room to be sent out in prayer grams. I am so concerned with how people are not taking God seriously. I am also concerned with how they are trying to make Gods Word say something different to fit their lifestyle. God warns us to not add or take away from the words of the prophecy of His Book. Now God has led this small town girl to do a book of writings and paintings.

I am not perfect, and God is still working in me. Always keep in mind that God loves us just the way we are, but if we love God, we will change. We hear so many lies nowadays that its hard to know what to believe. I believe in Gods Word. It is the truth and so goes my title because Im not one to beat around the bush. Tell It Like It Is, Make No Bones About It.

Religion & Spirituality
September 28