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Disgraced former political correspondent, Harry Clarke has witnessed the collapse of democracy in Britain. Prime Minister Lance Pelham controls a despotic right wing regime intent on eliminating all immigrants in the country. Deportation camps have been set up nationwide and conditions are appalling, made worse by a virulent and deadly disease sweeping through the camps. Following a disastrous attempt to rescue his family from one camp, Harry is forced to flee and try to escape the country. Pursued by the State Secret Police as one of the most wanted men in Britain, and enduring devastating personal tragedy, he survives to discover the chilling truth about the barbarity of Pelham's administration. But there is hope, and Harry finds himself at the epicentre of a new and covert war against the nation's brutal leadership, the voice of the underground resistance.

Harry's personal hell reflects the rapid descent of a nation into brutal oppression, tyranny and genocide on a scale never before seen in Britain. As the country descends into anarchy, riven by sectarian strife, the corridors of power are riddled with deceit and corruption but Pelham is prepared to destroy all opposition with an iron fist. In the age of social media, however, the propaganda war is an influential tool. With world opinion turning against Britain's dictatorial leaders, Pelham's grip on power is slipping, and Deputy P.M. Giles Chamberlain sees an opportunity to manipulate the crisis to satisfy his political ambitions. The second book in the series takes the reader on a shocking, disturbing but ultimately compelling journey into a nation that has closed its borders and terrorized its citizens. The high octane thrills and portrayal of the horrors of a far right-wing regime out of control is unnerving in its intensity, more so because of its parallels with history, which has taught us that man never learns from past mistakes.

Crime & Thrillers
21 December
Paul Michael Dubal

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