The Empowered Christian Road Map

A Guide for Evangelicals: 8 Key Principles for Unswerving Faith, Laser-Focused Direction, and a Life Driven by Purpose and Action

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Publisher Description

What hinders your life? What’s keeping you from discovering your Calling? From being totally fulfilled pursuing your Purpose? From living up to Your Potential? Do you struggle with Fear or other emotions? Doubts about what to believe? Confusion about which option is right, or best? Do you know Jesus but still feel like your faith could be stronger and your life could have more direction, more focus, more confidence that you’re doing exactly what God wants you to be doing?

These things are not inevitable! They’re the result of not living according to important biblical truths and letting them guide your steps. My book, is like a powerful, jam-packed 400-page how-to guide for everything you need to know, believe, and do for the Christian life. It’s like “Mere Christianity” meets “Purpose-Driven Life” meets deep, biblical theology, Christian apologetics, pastoral discipleship, and actionable life coaching to improve your life, help you grow personally and spiritually, and get on fire for God’s unique mission for you. Get it now and start shifting the direction of your life today!

“Let us RUN with ENDURANCE the RACE set out for us.”
-Hebrews 12:1 BSB

-1 Cor. 9:24 NLT

This landmark work marries biblical Christian doctrine with actionable life coaching. Using cars as a metaphor for individuals, and a long journey as a metaphor for life, pastor, Christian apologist, and empowerment life coach Brian Holmes navigates the journey with you. Packed with creative car metaphors and graphics woven throughout, every vital aspect of Christian belief and living are covered, arranged sequentially and holistically in a memorable and applicable way.

Equal parts theology, apologetics, discipleship training, personal growth, and life direction, you’ll gain a deeper grasp of the Christian pilgrimage and a closer relationship with God along the way. It covers everything from the nature of God and meaning of life to worksheets to determine what you should do today for success tomorrow. Practical tips for individuals, Bible study groups, and churches ready to accelerate their impact. Demonic lies debunked! Sin will be overpowered! Faith, freedom, healing, presence, and purpose are in view!

YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO: detect, diagnose, and solve problems in your life; avoid common obstacles in the future; overcome tough life challenges and setbacks; navigate touchy cultural, social, and political issues; better control your thoughts, how you feel, and what you do; and gain laser-focused direction on your mission and unique calling as a follower of Jesus.

After the Bible, this colorful, insightful, and engaging guide will be the next most important book to have! This manual of “Essential Christianity” will assist and empower you for a lifetime!

• Bible College-level Theology for Laypeople
• Personal Evaluations, Questions, and Assignments
• Hundreds of Whole Bible Verses with Index (Paperback and PDF Ebook editions)
• Hundreds of Topics with Topical Index (Paperback and PDF Ebook editions)
• Complete Spiritual Warfare Manual
• Discover Your Identity & Plan Your Mission
• Understand & Discover Actual Spiritual Gifts
• Learn How to Utilize Illness/Suffering for God
• Unravel False Religions & Bad Christianity
• Discern New Age Spirituality & Word of Faith
• Examine Different Christian Missions & Roles
• Unlock the Highest Potential of the Church
• 398 Pages!
• Full Color! (Full Color editions)
• Lots of Custom Graphics and Tables!
• FREE Bible Study Curriculum and resources available

Religion & Spirituality
29 June
MPowered Christian Publishing

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