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Bestselling erotica writer Lucia Jordan brings you a love affair between an average girl and two billionaire brothers. 

Bea has an everyday, normal job in an IT firm, but for one night, she plays an escort to the two brothers, the gorgeous Scottish brothers Ryan and Jason Wallace. 

It started out as a favor to her roommate Lisa who needed someone to replace her when a booking mix-up happens. Bea is a reluctant helper at first, but soon she finds it a double delight to be in the right place at the right time...


In time, Bea was beginning to relax and actually act normal. The food and wine was impeccable. Enjoying such a fabulous repast with two charming and quite divinely handsome Scots was enough to mellow any normal girl down. She still quivered when they sent her those strange, hooded looks of theirs, but she managed to ignore the sudden chills and heat waves she felt alternatively each time she looked up and met either man’s stirring gaze.

To her relief, there was so much they found to talk about, and many times, she knew she surprised them with her contributions to certain topics. She was no airhead; she definitely knew how to make good conversation. And wasn’t that what a true professional companion was all about, she thought, feeling quite happy with herself. As she relaxed, her smiles grew warmer, and her face shone brighter. 

This escort thing wasn’t so bad after all, Bea mused. She began to see the benefit to be had in such a vocation. Without a doubt, it was quite a thrill being able to finally meet men of like minds. They were cultured and truly delightful. Jason was the quieter of the two, she noticed. He liked to listen and watch more, while Ryan was the more outgoing, more inclined to draw Bea out of her shell with his questions that were sometimes even teasing. All in all, they were quite friendly, likeable chaps if she could just get over the fact that they were just too beddable to be borne.

September 9

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