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Religion withers away and falling due to the rise of Christianity, which bring a complete life that humans are in need of.Religion is an organized system of beliefs, used to worship the gods while Christianity comes as a complete life of God, which is contrast of the Religion.

The book outlines current challenges, which religion established backed by the devils and the pride in human hearts who call themselves, the saints and the messengers of Almighty God.These challenges includes generational struggle due to endless wars and conflicts, which the power of religion breeds with its laws and cultures, traditions and ceremonies trying to Have good motives of earning the right to be reconciled with God. Preachers drive people to God through manipulation and scare tactic with plenty of Taboos without even perceiving that, this Paints God as an angry, spiteful cynic. This sustain fear , which push people to God so they could escape hell while Christianity breeds the love of God and Mercy, which he wants all humans to perceive.

Therefore, anger and pride is born and poured over into persecution as well, which hinder the people from reaching the light they seek. According to the story in the book, Religion will perish and the Christianity will take its place and rose to dominate with power the whole world. How? When the Youths of the island of Asgard according to the book, rose up against the elders and the rulers of the state to seek generational freedom to be at hand, the rulers established more taboos, which in turn, wounded themselves because of the loud cry of their children.

Therefore, they pleaded to be taught about this Christianity, which came as a contrast to their religion and more simple but powerful to live. Therefore, the youths went about and taught the people of Asgard about this Christianity.All this time, the first king and the father of the island whose name is Borr was on the journey to discover the truth and the way about life while his sons, Odin and Villi were working to keep calmness in their land.At his Journey, he met with different kinds of gods whom he proved as misleading deities who claim the glory of the universe under their arm.

Therefore, he decided to engage his idea of uniting as one people the realm of Midgard, which was divided into several states, traditions, cultures, tribes with their ceremonies who bow to Polytheism with multitude of Taboos to keep the people in the pit of limitation.

The ruler of the state of Abel, Apollo honoured his proposal and worked with him as he took the princes from different state of Midgard to teach them about Christianity and to place them as rulers of the realm of Midgard. Borr presented himself to Apollo as a Prophet by the name of Micah while his sons knew him as an exiled king who was overthrown by Darius, the king of Asgard who was later beheaded by his son Ares.

Borr's son, Odin joined the princes to be trained and become the ruler of Asgard, Apollo took his son Shem to be in line and rule over Abel. Titus, the king of Tyre took Abibaal to be trained and to be the next ruler of Tyre. Hugo, king of Hugoton took his son, Paul to be next to rule of Hugoton while Cyrus, king of Islam took Samson, his son to be trained by Micah as the next ruler of Islam. Jenson, king of Jen took Jethro to be trained by Micah as the next ruler of Jen while Mozi, king of Medes took Brandon to be trained as the next ruler of Medes. Swazi, king of Santa took Judie to be trained as the next ruler of Santa.

Pablo, king of Bablos took his son, Pison to Micah to be trained as the next ruler of BablosTherefore, Micah trained them in the name of Christianity and then placed them as rulers of the realm of Midgard under Christianity with one mentality and one heart. Furthermore, he revealed himself to his sons as Borr and and his wife became the parents of the realm.

Young Adult
March 11
Mlamleli Zide