The Four

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Publisher Description

West Chambers, Georgia, was not a large town, but it held close to its own. The town had become somewhat isolated from the outside world. In keeping with that disconnection, conformity was mainstream. If you stood out in appearance or mind-set, you were looked down upon. With this public viewpoint, no one was more out of place than Nathan Kole.

As the son of a hero cop, there were many high expectations on his shoulders, but he didn't seem to be living up to any of them in the eyes of the townspeople. He had enough trouble already after a tragedy hit his home, triggering a series of nightmares that he has been unable to escape.

The only person he ever confides in is the new girl at his college. Samantha was also a bit of an outcast, not following the popular feminine trends. She, like many others in town, had her own secrets.

Erick was born within a dark, secret society led by his wealthy father. Recently discharged from the army, he returns home to the wife chosen for him. Erick's father still holds a tight grip on him even after his imprisonment.

When they found the young witch named Jessica holding a book written in a dark language that only Erick could understand, it became apparent that the four of them were connected in some mysterious way.

Their journey to discover what ties them together will lead them down a path soaked in blood and paved with the bodies of the unfortunate caught in the crossfire.

Fiction & Literature
15 April
Xlibris US