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A Midsummer Knights Romance: A Tournament World of Chivalry, Intrigue, and Passion. 

Book 2: A Midsummer Knights Romance series. Prequel to the Borderland Rebels series

She wants to save her honor

Lady Isolde Maxwell's brother is more inclined to marry her off rather than defend her honor, leaving her to take matters into her own gauntlets. After stealing his armor, she heads to the Rose Citadel tournament to fight for her freedom from a man she never agreed to wed.  Yet, even as Isolde is trying to escape one man, another has set his sights on her, one who is determined to catch her attention and one she cannot help but crave.

He wants to save his people

When yet another failed harvest threatens the welfare of his clan, Cormac Sutherland, Chieftain of the Sutherland clan needs a solution to save his people. When his twin brother proposes they attend a tournament in England and steal the betrothed noblewomen from men of a rival clan, Cormac is skeptical, especially given his lacking skills at wooing. However, once he gets to know Lady Isolde, he finds she not only earns his respect, but also stokes his passion. 

Can their love do both?

When intrigue and betrayal come into play and a challenge threatens one's greatest love, can Cormac and Isolde survive the tournament with their hearts and lives intact?

Summer, 1193. England is in turmoil, and a great tournament is scheduled near the border of Scotland and England. The greatest knights and lords from England, Scotland, Ireland, and France have gathered to compete for a great prize. There will be celebrations and jousts and feasting. It will be an exhibition of chivalry and warrior skills, a breeding ground for treason…and for love.

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Madeline Martin

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