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Publisher Description

Imagine that you are a bored, pampered schoolboy living in the city of Brotherly Love in the early days of the Gold Rush. Then your father suddenly decides to sell the family store and inn to join the tidal wave of people heading west: your world and all it’s security gets scrambled. You begin feeling and seeing things you never thought possible and discover that maybe you really are what your new nickname suggest –a ‘Worthless Whelp’!

You begin a struggle to gain the respect of your dad and become a man. But without warning, you are left alone to face the world by yourself. As is often the case, life-changing decisions are made and the consequences are great! Nearly frozen in the saddle this young man cries out to God and wakes up in the cabin of an old Circuit Riding Preacher. A new unofficial partnership is forged after the young man embraces the faith of the man of God. 

Insert yourself into this story of adventure as a boy works hard to become a man and discovers his meaning and purpose in life. The author actually faced many of these types of situations this boy lived out and over came. This is the first installment in the series of ‘The Making of a Circuit Rider’ that is written in the spirit and tradition of Louis L’Amour. It is the author’s desire that you will enjoy and learn from the true to life experiences this story tells about. 

In case you recognize the author’s picture and wonder where you have seen him, it might be because of his volunteer work as a chainsaw sharpener at wind disasters. To many he is known as the ‘Chainsaw Man’ and talks to people about avoiding Life’s greatest disaster.

Fiction & Literature
22 July
Xulon Press