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Dear Higher Education,
What makes you so high? Are you reaching a form of enlightenment that I cannot reach without your guidance? What are all these fancy words that you believe you have created with recycled thoughts passed through the wisdom of human life that now you have accumulated into a theory simply because you have these three letters by your namePhD?

Dear University,
What is this oversaturated word that you call diversity? Diverse bodies based on skin tones are simply diverse demographics in which you can statistically accumulate, quantify, and therefore display to the world like a curated gallery of foreign objects for an anthropological final project. That in which you promote as diverse. Do you cultivate a diversified mentality, or have you simply perpetuated stagnancy in the name of a degree? A degree that is as thin as paper yet as valuable, as life-changing, as the life you will live two thousand kilometers away from sec. 8.

Dear Millennial,
In the name of activism, social justice, justice, and service, how has the time you spent listening to lectures developed your adequacy in connecting to that which you serve? What has become of you to be driven by the rush of feeling good and clocking in your social justice volunteers hours on a clipboard? Rather, become soulfully apart of the integrity behind the mission itself. A mission, simply words put into theory, and theory published throughout a course curriculum to what point has your morality bridged theory into praxis?

Oh, the irony! To be a woman of color and only know of what I am once I have gone through a formula of stepstirelessly attain not one, but many internships and volunteer in various fields or experiences. Maintain a stellar GPA since you will learn very early on that it is a number that will define your value and, therefore, your worth. Become an applicant then be accepted, for it is a resume that will define the blueprint of your skill-set and, therefore, capabilities.

February 5