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I began my Christian journey at the age of twenty six. Forty-two years later I still hold true to the belief that the rapture of the church could happen at any moment. Believing in end time prophecy keeps the believer’s walk fresh with expectation and excitement. When we believe the Bible we can be reassured about the things that God has prepared for those who are His.


Throughout the Bible there are many scriptures which point to the rapture and the soon coming of Christ. The Bible clearly explains what the future of mankind will be. It is my desire to awaken the lost and the sleeping church to the soon reality of the rapture and the Great Tribulation which will come upon those left behind.


In a small town called Justice, a few miles from Napa California, lived five women whose lives would be changed by cataclysmic events that would take place in the world. Everything that they and many others knew would be drastically changed in a moment. These women lived in a small community and attended church all of their lives. They had a strong feeling of security because of their small town environment. And because of this, they thought they were immune to the pitfalls and evils of the rest of the world. Suddenly, their lives were turned upside down by an unexpected event. Will the ladies rise up to the occasion or die with the masses in a new world filled with chaos and violence?

Fiction & Literature
23 November
Xulon Press