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Story Outline 2,510 -words

Chapter 1- The village of Turtleville is suffering and dying slowly from severe heat. The only way to survive the horrific event is to get a dose of their family legacy’s water from the Oasis of Hope in Suma.

Chapter 2- Being the only one in the village that can save Turtleville, Top Hat Tim sadly begins his journey across the Mojave Desert.

Chapter 3- Courageously traveling across the desert, Top Hat Tim meets a new friend. Cooper, the hawk flies ahead searching for any danger.
Chapter 4- Fatigue kicks in and Top Hat Tim wears down to a frazzle. Lucky Strike, the zebra comes along and bonds with Top Hat Tim also. She gives him encouragement and offers to help him accomplish his goal.

Chapter 5- Top Hat Tim, Cooper and Lucky Strike reaches Suma safely. Top Hat Tim accepts wisdom from the spirit of his ancestors as he retrieves the pure, healing water to cure Turtleville. He becomes an icon and encourages others. He never gives up.

Series Outline

Imagination Station (children’s series) is written entirely from the viewpoint of children and animal protagonist’s, and gives a first person account with fun dialogue, morals and unique imaginations.

The characters are funny and interesting. The setting suits each theme for the stories.

Book 1 (On Candy Skates)- The tale of a young girl, Anslee, looking for a fun place to go with her pet pig and llama without getting into trouble.

Book 2 (A Pig Who Cooks!)- The tale of a young girl, Dayana and her mama, Mimi that makes friends with a pig who cooks at a cafe.

Book 3 (Tagger Dancers)- The story of tigers that showcase dancing skills with tap, ballet, hip-hop and disco.

Book 4 (Cha Wang Wangs)- The tale of puppy train conductors that takes children on fantasy rides.

Book 5 (Turtle with A Top Hat)- The tale of a turtle traveling through the desert to reach an oasis. He never gives up.

Book 6 (The Wise Frog In A Hat)- The story of a smart frog who lives in a sun-hat and does acrobats. She gives guidance.

Book 7 (Giraffe on Stilts)- The tale of a giraffe that have bad dreams of being the size of a dog. He deals with emotions.

Book 8 (Carly Fox Investigation)- The story of a female fox investigating and teaching children about nature.

Book 9 (Buddy Behavior Beaver)- The tale of a beaver that chooses sides between healthy nutritious meals and junk food.

Book 10 (Waddle Toddle Tambourine)- The story of a penguin that plays the tambourines. Music is her way to survive.

26 November
Ritchie A.Thomas

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