Vampires and Devillinati - Lash Them Till...Laughs‪!‬

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This eBook comprises all my 5 political pamphlets published before starting from 2013, namely: The short story of a crisis, A letter from a poor vampire for the people of Albion, Vampires and Devillinati – Brexit, American election, Pokemon and Vampy news, Drinking a beer with an Emperor and Riding the bear – Czar's challenge.

All these pamphlets were revised and improved, as I gathered more experience and more knowledge about writing and publishing ebooks. Because it's hard to described all those stories containing a lot of caricatures in photoshop, in a few words, in order to figured out what it's all about there, I will extract some excerpts here, alowing you to see the style of my pamphlets:

In these grey times, when the scale of democracy is so high or so low, as the Secret Services allows and many states and internationals organizations seems to be led by Devillinati's agents and the Europe Union, by the Bilderberg puppets and Soros's army, let's hope we will resist and we will fight all the ways...and I have chosen the humor satire and pamphlet, lashing them till...laughs! I hope...
I didn't forget that nice and strongly attitude, all these chiefs of states have had in the Charlie Hebdo's case, defending the freedom of expression, I rely on it hoping that we will laugh together with my readers…The laughs makes you more human, honorable presidents, queens and kings, emperors, princes and premiers, komissars, agents and superstars…"Je suis Charlie" and let's laugh together… if you can!"

"OK, boss! said Mr. Rotschildberg Junior. We will pump more money in the real estates, then we will trigger the crisis here, failing some banks in order to spread the panic to the world and our money from FED in our main banks, pretending to help them through many bail out forms. Then, we will export the crisis in Europe and using the debts crisis, euro crisis and the austerity, like vectors of pressure, we will try to transform that poor union in a federal state led by our puppets..."

"Hallo, colega! said the old Russian harbinger…The former president Putin, the actual prime- minister Putin and the next president Putin sent us here to help America and its tired dollar to survive this shit and to replace him with our ruble!...Our ruble is now very strong, stronger than Gorbachev vodka and your shitty whiskey…

"Oui, meine Frau! said almost crying, Mr. Frankozy, but I have lost the elections… "L'Hollande qui s'en vole", au diable (The flying Dutchman, to hell). Our gadget Merkozy is gone…I feel like I am crying! And my uncle is in Africa.
Wait, wait…what he said? His uncle is in Africa? EEW! Maybe the president Qaddafi with those 50 millions bucks in that campaign? He is no more, there? Americans, first? Ma'am Hillary? WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED! American humor and bad karma, that's it! Au revoir, little cock!."

"What will happen to the end of this year? We, the people from Dracula's Land, the "poor vampires" of the EU will invade your land with the permission of our EU Mamma! And we don't want your blood! No, dear Sirs! The times have changed and our habits, too! It's Crisis, "Austerity uber alles", as the Iron Frau enacted...WE WANT YOUR SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, WE WANT YOUR MONEY!"

  "What a big deal to ride a bear, half-naked? said Iron Frau...When I was young, I was riding one every night, fully naked!"

"It was awesome, to see Miley on Instagram, fighting with her tears dripping on her little nose, like that big wrecking ball between her legs, then on her out tongue, falling over that big dildo costume she wears today, almost crushing her beloved animal."

19 December

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