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Willpower is what pushes heroes and heroines through trials and tribulations. It gives them the ability to persevere and exert self-control irrespective of the trying circumstances that they are in.

Whenever we listen to the stories of these incredible men and women, we marvel at how they manage to effortlessly control their circumstances and maintain a straight path without wavering. The secret lies in their willpower and how well they master their emotions. The greatest desire of man has been to tap into this willpower instinct in order to replicate their success stories.

Somehow, each one of us understands the critical role that willpower plays in our lives. We often talk about dieting, building saving plans, achieving goals and dreams as well as beating procrastination. The challenge however is in bridging the gap between wanting willpower and mastering the skill. According to the words of Aleister Crowley, in the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.

In this book, you will find the power to bridge this gap and discover lots of fascinating insights from research that has been conducted by scientists on the subject of willpower. You will also learn how these recently discovered willpower truths will help you in modeling your life.

The book explores the real meaning behind willpower, why it seems so elusive and the practical ways you can use to tap into the willpower instinct. On top of all this, you will also be shown a stepwise process on how to increase your willpower reservoir and ways of maintaining it into the future.

Willpower will go a long way in determining the degree of success that you will attain in life. It is much more than knowledge and intelligence because it gives you the ability to stick to a goal, persevere and stay focused in order to achieve it.

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January 15

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