Wit & Wisdom From a Fool: Quotes, Quips and Poetry

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Reginald Mcpherson once again invites his audience to see the world from his view. In this second printing, he shares some truths and introduces brand new thought provoking quips, quotes and poetry. He is not afraid to say what others are thinking. Foolish? You be the judge. From Reginald McPherson:This is the second, third printing of my first book. I am only changing the introduction. I had agreed to not re-print the first edition out of respect to those that had the faith to purchase it. There were only 1,000 printed and the first 100 were numbered to give greater value. Thanks again to those that took the chance and time to invest in my work. Of course there will be things in this manuscript that will be familiar. This book is over seven years old and I would like to think what I wrote merited repeating over the years. I am making this available only because of requests and to keep the costs down, e-books is the venue of choice. What you will find here for first time readers is my life in a sort of chronological order. Many things have changed. I have grown and so has my maturity level. Things I held close to heart no longer reside there. Some of my most extreme “antis” have become pros. One must leave room for growth and the possibility of being incorrect in thinking and brave enough to change. I have. My approach to life is easier, my need to know, be right, ahead, all those material, externally driven attributes have all but evaporated from my consciousness. I still appreciate quality and a quality effort but not so married to the outcome as before. I have also found the time to leave the country. This is something I never really dreamed of or imagined would happen. I have now been fortunate enough to have visited a couple of countries and benefited greatly. I have stepped outside the box in several directions. Left the “mainland” as it is called here in Hawaii and opened myself to a different style of life and as I have stated more than once; there are some things in life I have done that I would never do again, but I truly have NO REGRETS!On that note, to avoid mindless, needless rambling, I will bring this to a halt and let the work speak for itself.Mahalo,Reginald McPherson

19 August
Dunn Deal Publishing

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