A Married Couple's Checklist for Having Fun, True Intimacy, and Passionate Sex, While Parenting: Getting Back to the Basics of Dating Your Spouse, Better Communication, a Strong Family Bond, and Restoring Trust

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Are you married but not in love? Are you just coexisting with your spouse?

 Walking down the aisle is only the beginning of your story. When spouses get bored, fail to communicate, or struggle to balance parenting and marriage, marriage can feel like an impossible challenge, and spouses think the only solution is to end their story.

 People are human, and having marital issues is far from uncommon. Rather than feeling like a failure or rushing straight toward divorce, step back and think about what you can do to make things better. A Married Couple's Checklist For Having Fun, True Intimacy, and Passionate Sex While Parenting is here to help.

 This invaluable resource is direct and to the point, and it doesn't shy away from sexual exploration (in a tasteful way). Expert advice and scientific research is woven throughout along with the personal experience of the happily married co-authors.

 Each chapter contains a detailed exploration of challenges in a couple's life along with a checklist of ways that you can reinvigorate your relationship with your partner.

 You'll do some self evaluation and ask yourself some hard questions (which is never easy) in order to truly change your thoughts and behaviors to help your marriage and parenting together flow more smoothly.

 Husbands, you'll appreciate the advice given and wives, you'll want to buy it for them!

You both deserve a healthy, happy relationship. As you work your way through this book and implement the checklist, your marriage will improve more than you ever thought possible. You'll thank yourself for reading this book, and your spouse will, too.

Stop wishing and struggling, and start talking and hugging, which will lead to deeper sexual connection.

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