Calisthenics: Let Your Bodyweight Speak for Itself (Unabridged) Calisthenics: Let Your Bodyweight Speak for Itself (Unabridged)

Calisthenics: Let Your Bodyweight Speak for Itself (Unabridged‪)‬

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Calisthenics is the resistant exercising of your body weight meant to boost your reflexes, balance coordination, and flexibility. "Calisthenic" comes from the Greek word kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). The beauty is found by training for strength through exercising with little or no gym equipment.

From this audiobook, you will learn that pull, push, lung, jumping, handstands, crunches, dips, squats, and lift are what is require to be done over a continuous period with thorough training to build up strength and aerobic level. This is a very important fitness exercise for the body and should be done in a routine manner for it to be effective as intended. You will have an amazing beach body or be in good shape by following the guidelines in this educational fitness audiobook. Let your body weight speak for itself.


Reduced weight: There are two different ways through which calisthenics is used in the burning of excess body fats. You can raise your rate of metabolism by adding your muscle mass, which increases the number of calories you burn daily. The other means is by training for strength building up your body muscle strength.
Increased perseverance level: This kind of exercise requires one to do them constantly and repeat the same exercise for a number of times in sets; these require a strong endurance capacity. Every single day at your specified time you should be training intensely. For you to see the results, you need to endure the rigorous training over a stretched period of time, and to maintain your new body weight, you need to still do them constantly.
Flexibility: Calisthenics is a very good exercise that will certainly increase your muscle flexibility while making them strong at the same time. This will make your muscle to easily stretch and extend without any pain. When you are especially involved in sports or just want to have good body flexibility these training is designed perfectly for that.
Building muscles: You can easily increase your muscle without the use of heavy weights and other equipment just by following the exercise guide consistently. Muscle building is a progressive resistance of the muscles. You cannot really attain hardcore bodybuilding using this method since you are limited to your body weight for resistance. This does not mean that there won’t be a good result as you will attain reasonable muscle mass.

Other benefits are:

Improved brain-body connection
Strengthen joints and connective tissues
Total body control

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