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The long-awaited first book by Fortune 500 executive coach and consultant Russ Hill is finally here!

"We're having every team leader in our company read this book. It will change the way they view their role as a leader. It did for me." (Mark Elliott, CEO of Edgemont Health)

Learn why some team leaders deliver incredible results and create high levels of engagement and accountability, while others fail to move the needle and burn out. Stop wondering what you're doing wrong or why you're not getting the results you need. Russ Hill shares what he's learned observing and coaching thousands of leaders around the world.

In this book, you'll learn:

Why some leaders have terrible employee engagement scores and miss targets.
What leaders do differently on teams that deliver extraordinary results.
Best leadership practices from Amazon, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, and other Fortune 100 companies.
Four questions that determine a leader's ability to get movement on their team.
What it means to have vision and how to inspire a team to take greater ownership.
How to get a team aligned to think and act in a way that accelerates results.
Why working long hours and being involved in every decision are signs of weak leadership.

When you purchase this book you'll gain free access to online training videos from Russ Hill and documents you can print out to assess and impact your ability to lead your team, along with one free course.

In the spirit of How to Lead, Leaders Eat Last, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Russ Hill has written his first book to share insights and observations he's gained as a senior partner of the world's premiere culture management consulting firm Partners In Leadership. Strengthen your leadership skills and start immediately impacting your team's performance by purchasing Decide to Lead by Russ Hill today!

This book is for new leaders and new managers as well as seasoned executives. It's sure to be among the leadership books best sellers in 2020 and popular among Christian leadership books as well.

"If you and I went to lunch and you asked me what's the difference between an exceptional leader and those who fall short of facilitating significant movement and delivering extraordinary results, the things in this book are what I would tell you. I wrote it to be quickly consumed and immediately implemented." (Russ Hill)

Russ Hill is the host of The Culture Hacks podcast and a published author for INC.

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