Fear in the Workplace: The Top 10 Fear Producing Mistakes Organizations Make with New Employees (Unabridged) Fear in the Workplace: The Top 10 Fear Producing Mistakes Organizations Make with New Employees (Unabridged)

Fear in the Workplace: The Top 10 Fear Producing Mistakes Organizations Make with New Employees (Unabridged‪)‬

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Learn the top 10 fear-producing mistakes organizations make with new employees.

Do you wonder why, no matter how much time and money is spent on professional development and training, there are still employees whispering in the hallways or disgruntled seasoned team members complaining about how your company is driven by fear?

Are you a hiring manager, HR director, recruiter, or new employee trainer who’s noticing the increasing loss of great employees, and you wonder how you can stop the loss of talent?

Are you struggling with the idea of making onboarding a richer experience and really want to find a way to address the fear elements in the organizational culture?

It’s easy to create a new employee training process that delivers the basics. But, when you want to hire and retain the best talent (while also changing the organizational culture), it can be hard to figure out where to put your attention first.

What if you could recruit, hire, and train employees in a different way? What if the result could be a training process that attracts the best talent while also transforming the current organizational culture? What if you could eliminate the fear-based ideas that are lingering in your company without having to spend a lot of money or use up a lot of time? What if you could avoid the fear-producing mistakes that most organizations make with new employees and, by doing so, retain your rock star performers?

Discover how to transform your hiring process and turn fear into courageous involvement! Recruitment, selection, and onboarding set the tone for a new employee’s perception and experience of an organization. What if you could be absolutely deliberate in the way you recruit, select, and onboard talent? What if you could eliminate the fear-based training methods and tactics that get missed by most HR departments?

It’s time to eliminate the fear-based tactics that lead to hiring the wrong people for the wrong positions or inserting the right people into the wrong team dynamics. You can massively impact voluntary and involuntary turnover, even if there are toxic elements to your organizational culture.

It’s not about changing the culture first. It’s about bringing in employees who will serve as change agents for the culture and that requires a new employee process that doesn’t contain the most common fear-producing mistakes made by companies every single day.

In this audiobook, you’re going to learn what those top ten mistakes are and how to avoid them. Fear in the Workplace: The Top 10 Fear-Producing Mistakes Organizations Make With New Employees offers a strategic, tactical guide to reinventing your recruitment, selection, and onboarding process.

You will learn:

Why most companies fail at recruiting, selecting, training and retaining brilliant people
How to onboard brilliant new hires, even if you’re sending them to seasoned, incompetent managers
How to reinvent the interviewing process so it attracts talent and not bravado
What are simple, practical strategies to transform new employee training
What are the top 10 fear-producing mistakes organizations make with new employees
What are the five steps companies can take to transform the onboarding process

It’s hard to transform an entire organizational culture, if that’s the focus. When you understand that one process has the power to change the entire landscape of a company, all you need to know is how to change that process, and it begins with removing the fear-based elements in recruitment, selection, and onboarding. Use this audiobook to learn how to do that.

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