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Have you always wanted to light up a room when you walk in? You know the woman I'm talking about. You've seen her. She acts as if she has no cares in the world. That feminine woman who looks so put together, self-assured and confident.

On the other hand, maybe you feel a little insecure, or shy, or awkward. Maybe you were told you are worthless, stupid, or have no talent. You wish you could walk in confidently and command a room.

I have great news for you! You already have everything that you need! You can be fun and fearless, walk with confidence, be fully female, and light up a room. You may just need the keys to help you unlock the gifts inside you. This book will guide you with ideas to add fun to your life, become more fearless, and enjoy being fully female.

Being a fun fearless female is not about beauty, being tall, skinny, a model, rich, or perfect. Nor is it about having all the advantages, being lucky, or being at the right place at the right time. It is about confidence, in yourself and in who you are. This book has the keys to help you make changes in your life and to become fun and fearless - in a step-by-step approach.

Through my experience as a women's leader for over 25 years, I have found that most women struggle with their value and identity. We work hard, juggle many things, and the more we do, the worse we seem to feel about ourselves. We tend to identify ourselves through our "stuff", through the eyes of others, and by comparison. However, we want to have fun and want to see ourselves as courageous.

It begins with how we see ourselves through God's eyes, and then how we can take that belief and live it out loud in our lives. It truly can change the decisions we make, how we think about the events of our lives, and ultimately will decide our happiness.

In this book I give you some tools to help you see that you have everything you need! You can choose the life you want!

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Delinda Layne