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New York Times best-selling author Damien Echols presents an unabridged audiobook of the spiritual practices that helped him survive and transcend his ordeal on death row. 

At age 18, Damien Echols was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. “I spent my years in prison training to be a true magician,” he recalls. “I used magick - the practice of reshaping reality through our intention and will - to stave off incredible pain, despair, and isolation. But the most amazing feat of all that practice and study was to manifest my freedom.” With High Magick, this best-selling author shares his first audiobook on these powerful spiritual techniques.  

Though modern culture has consigned “magic” to fiction, stage illusions, or superstitions about witchcraft, the magick Damien learned is an ancient Western tradition equal to the Eastern practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and yoga in its wisdom and transformative power. Here he brings you an engaging and highly accessible guide on how to bring magick into your own life, including:  


What is High Magick? Damien clears away the stigma and reveals the history and core teachings of this extraordinary art
The Four-Fold Breath - a foundational meditation practice to train your mind and body to channel subtle energies
The Middle Pillar - how to bring divine energy into the central channel of your body for empowerment and healing
The Qabalistic Cross - a centering technique to help you stay balanced and protected regardless of circumstances
The Lesser Rituals of the Pentagram - powerful ceremonies for banishing negative energies and invoking energy to manifest your goals
Working with angelic beings and thoughtforms
Guidance for overcoming your doubts, enhancing your visualization skills, creating talismans, practicing magick ethically, and much more

“Magick is a journey,” writes Damien. “It’s a continuously unfolding path that has no end. You can study and practice magick for the rest of your life and you will still never learn everything that it has to teach you.” If you’re ready to discover your untapped potential for co-creating your reality with the energy of the divine, then join this extraordinary teacher to begin your training in High Magick.

Read by the author. Foreword by Eddie Vedder. 

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