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A democratic republic depends upon two unassailable truths: Freedom can only exist (1) where the laws of God are considered absolute and (2) where the majority believe that God, not man and not government, created men and women equal. This book is founded on the principle that only truth can make us free and that the Holy Bible is the foundation of our freedom. This book explores law - the laws of God and the laws of man, and defines freewill, agency, freedom, and liberty - and presents what is necessary to maintain our liberty.  

My primary focus is law. Temporal law gives us freedom. Spiritual law gives us agency. Man-made laws that are in harmony with temporal and spiritual laws give us liberty. 

I seek to show that without adherence to absolute truth and absolute law, freedom cannot exist. If we want agency, we must choose good over evil. If we want freedom, we must obey the laws of freedom. If we want liberty, we must align our social laws with the laws of God. 

In Washington D.C. stands a statue with the following words inscribed on the base: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." There is no shortcut to freedom, to agency, or to liberty. No matter what storm clouds gather without, if we want liberty, we must obey the laws of liberty within. 

Our liberty was threatened when the British invaded the colonies; our liberty was threatened when the first slave ship was permitted to unload its human misery on American soil; our liberty was threatened when the South seceded from the union; our liberty was threatened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but those threats are but a prelude to the threats that threaten our liberty today. Before, the menace came from without; today, the threat to our liberty comes from within. 

Christianity is under attack. Religious freedom is under attack. Freedom of speech is under attack. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are under attack. Racism is used as a weapon by the left to deliberately divide America. Our borders are left vulnerable. Our economy is threatened. Our justice system is used with impunity for personal vendetta. Rather than truth, our congress ignores rule of law and uses slander and personal attack to impede justice. They put personal power over the voice of the people. The word God is being removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, from our schools, even from our nation. We are apologizing for our liberty, our language, our religion, our moral values, our standards, our laws, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our belief in God, our way of life, and even for our blessings. 

News sources, which once were standards of freedom of speech, are now mere propaganda machines governed by the left to generate fake news, slanted facts, and orchestrated slander against anyone who disagrees with their liberal policies.

Some want to remove our flag from its standard, “In God we trust” from our coins, and “Under God” from our Pledge of Allegiance. They want to remove crosses, bibles, prayers, and all other Christian symbols, icons, ceremonies, and sacraments from public eyes as if Christ, the author of our liberty, were something to be ashamed of.

I suppose that all Christians, at some point, must answer the question, ‘Why am I a Christian?’ For me it is a love of truth and a love of freedom. 

All I want said of me is that I loved freedom, agency, and liberty more than I loved life; and that I loved truth and the fountain of truth more than I loved the philosophies of men, more than I loved the world, and more than I loved myself. 

Ronald Keith Messer 

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Linda Messer
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