Karma's Revenge Karma's Revenge

Karma's Revenge

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Experience a crime mystery, on memory lane, with Dedra Kare. Amnesia blends with family drama and a dilemma to Remember to Forget. Discover the Clue Queen's style to keep villains of dysfunction at the mercy of her detective skill, clever nature, and counter-manipulation.

Book 1

After a celebrity suffers a big crime in a small town, Hollywood demands answers. As clues disappear, a surveillance tape reveals a eye-witness. But teenager Dedra has just one problem: retrograde amnesia. With a medical remedy, detectives suffer the extra mystery as to why her parents are refusing to give consent.

Book 2

When a twin girl goes missing, an anonymous request for Clue Queen herself is granted. It's a game of Hide-and-Seek but on a legal field of child custody. But, with every hidden motive playing too, 'who’s IT?'

Book 3

It’s a very different shotgun wedding as a future in-law is murdered the night before the wedding. And son-in-law is arrested before flying to his honeymoon destination. Was his bachelor party, which he never attended, a planned alibi? Gun smoke fills the air with a runaway bride, a clever psychologist, shenanigans, and another in-law… in law.

Book 4

After a mysterious death, Hollywood’s Oscars event is held for ransom by its very own movie star, for a behind-the-scenes battle for the whodunit truth. It’s a tug-of-war both for and against a show that ‘might not go on’ this time.

Book 5

It’s a final battle, on memory lane, as Clue Queen pursues clever serial killer: Karma. With his pranks, and courtroom twisters, this ‘righteous psychopath’ has criminals escaping to jail by choice! 7 years since her last detective case, with a sidekick of doubt, can Dedra outsmart the pattern of what-goes-around and come-around to her own path of redemption?

Priscilla Broussard
tim min
14 juli
Jwyan C. Johnson