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Discover how to make drool-worthy knives and blades with foolproof bladesmithing techniques and hone your knifemaking skills to perfection, even if you've never made a blade before

Are you seriously thinking about mastering the ancient skill of crafting a perfect blade from scratch without having to invest in ridiculously expensive equipment?

Are you a bladesmith inspired by the formidable skill of knifemakers on bladesmithing TV shows and social media, and want to take your knifemaking skills to the next level?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll get the soup-to-nuts blueprint for making your own perfect knife. From choosing the right steel and alloy to designing and forging your knife, you'll discover a step-by-step roadmap to crafting your first or next perfect knife with simple tools and effective techniques.

In Knifemaking, you're going to discover:

A complete list of the essential tools you're going to need to make bladesmithing a breeze
A list of advanced tools you're going to need to step up your knifemaking game after mastering the basics
How to optimize the five most important aspects of your workshop setup to make knifemaking as easy and stress-free as possible
A crash guide to knife design and shapes and how to choose the right software for your knife design
The different types of knifemaking steel and how to pick the perfect steel and alloy combination for making your first or next knife
How to test scrap metals for durability and six scrap metal materials that are perfect for making a great blade or knife
Step-by-step instructions to forge your first knife with time-tested forging techniques

And much, much more!

No matter your level of skill, the instructions contained in this guide covers every step of the knifemaking process in great detail. Whether you want a survival knife, a karambit, a tanto, or even a broadsword, you'll discover everything you need to become a custom blademaker.

Ready to craft amazing knives and blades? Scroll to the top of this page and click the "buy now" button to get started today!

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