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Do you want to learn Spanish? Learning a new language is actually easier than you may think! This book is divided into four major parts:

Basic grammar.
Basic vocabulary for travellers.
Basic conversational Spanish dialogues with particular attention to the pronunciation.
Easy Spanish short stories. 

The first part contains a concise grammar of Spanish organized in the familiar traditional way, describing the forms of Spanish in turn. This section should be used for quick reference when you want to know something about a form or structure you can identify.

The second part contains the vocabulary terms for travellers or tourists. The vocabulary terms were written while taking into consideration the needs of people whose first language is not Spanish. It is organized according to the kinds of words you might want to say in particular situations in Spanish, and here you can look up such things as how to apologize, how to ask the time, how to describe a person, etc.

The third part is based upon basic Spanish dialogues and sentences which are used in daily routine. It also helps to learn how to pronounce specific terms and words of Spanish language.

The fourth part consists of short stories. This part is useful when a person is at least good in Spanish grammar and able to understand the combination of words. These short stories are really helpful to give speed flow in Spanish language.

We have not hesitated to use traditional grammatical terms, especially in the first part. It is worth spending a little time getting familiar with these: Understanding the terms will help you understand the structures better, even if they may appear a bit daunting at first. We have described terms that may be unfamiliar to you in the glossary.

We hope that listeners will find our approach interesting and useful: We will be delighted to receive opinions on the audiobook and details about the ways in which it has been used in teaching and learning Spanish.

So if you want to enjoy the perks of learning Spanish then hop in, and join us! Just scroll up to get your own copy of Learn Spanish for Beginners! Now, go and click the "Buy" button. Learn Spanish today, not tomorrow, and get started now

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15 augusti
Paul Spain