Life Is a Drama, Be Calmer (Unabridged) Life Is a Drama, Be Calmer (Unabridged)

Life Is a Drama, Be Calmer (Unabridged‪)‬

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"Tom Stodulka is a fantastic poet. He is a great humanitarian whose style and themes are his own expression of our collective whole. His unbridled passion to explore and understand our mysteries and truths is truly refreshing, revealing, and reassuring. To read Tom's poetry is like a front row seat—or even a backstage pass—to a level of grace and gratitude to the joys, difficulties and hopes we all experience." (Justin Bergelin, poet)

"This companion uplifts as only the poet is able to do. It connects the reader to their soul as it illuminates the author's. Reading it also opens a door into the hidden depths of the human psyche and offers the rare opportunity to connect with the essence of what it is to be human." (John Dearn, author)

"Tom Stodulka writes his poetry from a very special place. He has lived life and travelled the world enough to know what is important and what is not so important. It reflects in the spirit of his words—sentiments of humanity, humility and hope. When you allow yourself to float calmly on the wisdom of his tide, the path in front of you will most likely contain a lot less drama! Instead, the happiness of a treasured past will merge beautifully into the brightness of a future star and you might even find yourself smiling...and it's much to do with that special place—the one that inspires him to be hopeful and passionate and kind. The one that beats inside him as he writes his poetry. His heart..." (Rupert McCall, OAM)

Life Is a Drama is a Pandora's Box. Tom observes the pain of the world and yet he optimistically insists that we can turn things around through respect, kindness, resilience, and hope.

Tom Stodulka , AM
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1 juni
Ocean Reeve Publishing