Mage Throne Prophecy (Unabridged) Mage Throne Prophecy (Unabridged)

Mage Throne Prophecy (Unabridged‪)‬

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A routine physical shows Captain Ross Mitchell has a flesh-eating virus that specifically targets the brain. Prognosis says he'll be a vegetable by week's end. Having survived numerous incursions in combat around the world, Ross decides he's not going out like that. He drives a rented corvette into a cliff face at over 200 mph. The fiery impact catapults him toward the afterlife. Instead of finding the afterlife, he finds himself in a different body with an old man stabbing him in his chest. He fights free, killing the old man before passing out. He wakes to find he's now in the body of Prince Aaron, the 15-year-old second son of the king. 

In this medieval world, the Royals are mages. The old man who was trying to kill him was a mage "vampire". Instead of blood, the old mage was trying to steal Ross/Aaron's power, knowledge, and in this case, his body. When Ross/Aaron killed the old mage, his vampire power was transferred to him. He now has the memories, knowledge, and powers of the old mage. 

Ross/Aaron must navigate this new environment of court intrigue with care. His older brother, the crown prince, hates him. His older sister has no use for him. The king sees him as an asset to be used, agreeing to marry him to a neighboring kingdom for an alliance. 

Before the marriage takes place, the castle is attacked. Someone is trying to kill him but is finding it most difficult. Where mages fight with magic, Ross/Aaron fights with magic and steel. It's hard to cast a spell with a knife through your skull or your throat cut. As Ross/Aaron travels with his fiancée toward her home for the marriage to take place, they are attacked at every turn. 

Someone doesn't want this wedding to happen. Ross/Aaron has had enough of people trying to kill him. With Aaron's knowledge and Ross' training, they take the offensive. The kingdom will never be the same.

Sci-fi och fantasy
Daniel Wisniewski
tim min
5 maj
James Haddock

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