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Ready to make art and money, at the same time?

Monica Leonelle has written the playbook for authors on building a sustainable writing career as an independent publisher.

The path to becoming a full-time author is clear cut, but no one is talking about exactly what you need to focus on, and when. This book is for authors who feel overwhelmed and overworked while trying to reach their dreams of writing full-time. With this book, you can end the confusion of what marketing tactics to implement, how to make it in this industry on a budget, and answer the age-old question of, "Why isn't my book selling?" at any point in the process.

In Prosperous Creation, you'll learn about the seven tiers of prosperous creation and figure out what tier you're at. From there, Monica gives you two to three straightforward goals to focus on to help you move through that tier faster. By working on the few most important things for the stage in your career you're at, you'll be able to block out all the noise, conflicting advice, and comparisonitis - and reach your writing goals sooner as a result! Plus, when you get to tiers four and up, that's when you start to see your money grow.

The Prosperous Creation system will help you:
If you haven't finished your bookIf you struggle to get reviews or salesIf you feel overwhelmed by marketing your booksIf your books are not getting great feedbackIf you've had some success but are ready to get to the next levelIf you jump around between projects without finishing the one in front of youIf you have seen a huge drop in sales recently and don't know how to build them back upIf you are having trouble keeping the readers you find engagedIf you are seeing some success but feel totally burned out by your current workflow

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