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Captain Sara Zeeman must learn to embrace life on a planet she has come to hate. 

It was almost two years after they landed on Sarisart when she suddenly disappeared. Sara Zeeman was the Chancellor of the Moon’s Eye Colony but she was finding it difficult to lead her people when she couldn’t manage her own life. Soon after they arrived, she began to realize that she had made a horrible mistake. Every problem they faced, every hardship they had to endure, and every death…she took personal responsibility for. She realized she should have never brought the Moon’s Eye to Sara’s Heart. 

Sara’s first visit to Sarisart included being kidnapped by mercenaries, a ride in an airplane, and a wormhole. A recipe that should never be combined. Imagine being abducted by mercenaries and forced into an airplane only to be sucked through a wormhole and then crash landing on another planet. It was an awesome adventure that eventually revealed the existence of a time travel paradox with her at its core. 

She had met an alien that claimed to be a direct descendant of hers. He was an Unan man called Andrin. She was made to believe that when she got back to Earth, all her dreams about building her moon colony would come true. Except, of course, for one major change. After they blasted off, they would be sucked into a wormhole and planted on Sarisart 2,000 years into the past. 

She was spoon-fed information that convinced her that she was singlehandedly responsible for the creation of an entire civilization. Maybe it was her inflated ego, maybe it was the fact that the scenario included a hunky husband named Andrew, but she agreed to go through with it. After all, it was fate, right? And you can’t change fate, right? It all seemed so perfect. Too perfect. And she wanted it more than life itself. 

Andrin could have easily given her so much more information. He had all kinds of proof to substantiate his claims and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. 

Not only did she feel responsible for everything that went wrong, but she also felt like a liar. She deliberately suckered 120 people into colonizing another planet. They all believed they were going to the Moon, not another galaxy. She had somehow thought that the end would justify the means. She thought it would be paradise. She thought it would be her happily ever after. 

But life on Sarisart had been hard and after suffering a terrible loss, she fell into a deep depression.  

After being abducted by huge insect-like creatures and then ending up in the wilderness of Sarisart, she must rely on a mysterious captain who came to her rescue. Captain Britt Mason seemingly appeared out of nowhere and plucked Sara directly out of hell only to put her life in more peril. 

It takes being forced into yet another situation that she can’t control before Sara finally begins to embrace life on Sarisart. 

I would rate this book PG-13 for language, sexual situations, and violence. 

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Sci-fi och fantasy
C. J. Boyle
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17 oktober
C. J. Boyle