Sex Positions: 151 Sex Positions for Couples: The Illustrated Sex Book with Sexual Techniques That Will Make Sex and Marriage Take Off. The Unmissable Sex Guide for Couples. (Unabridged‪)‬

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Don't let your relationship crumble! If you want to put your sexual intercourse on turbo...then pay attention!

Do you have problems in the bedroom? Is your sex life collapsing under the weight of boredom? Do you not know how to "freshen up" the sexual relationship with your partner?

This guide is what you are seeking!

The illustrated, practical guide to sex! Find 151 sexual positions that will change your relationship.

I myself and many of the people I know have or have had these problems. I decided to create this illustrated guide to save many couples' relationships from a boring and predictable sex life.

It is calculated that by 2030, 78 percent of couples will divorce or separate within a short time. One of the most important causes is sexual decline and boredom.

This audiobook is intended to make you relive sex as it was at the beginning of your relationship, when passion burned inside of you and you wanted to do it even two or three times a day.

In addition to 151 new sexual positions in this guide, you will learn:

How to improve intimacy with your partner
How to talk dirty during sexual intercourse
The use of sex toys during sex
The best positions for oral sex
The best positions for anal sex
The best positions to stimulate the clitoris
The best positions to stimulate the G-Spot
And much more

Concerned you won’t be able to put into practice the suggestions in this audiobook? Don't worry, in addition to a good description, all the positions are illustrated!

Do you feel inhibited by the subject of sex? The guide also contains many suggestions that will make you more confident in your relationship with your partner!

Do you think you're past the age in which sex can be done freely or that you have nothing more to learn? With this guide, you will discover there is no age to have great sex and that you still have a world to discover to have fun with your partner!

If you want to rekindle your and your partner's desire, buy this illustrated practical guide!

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Start a new sexual life! Download now! 

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