Stop Procrastinating Today: Hypnosis to Get Inspired, Get Motivated and Get Started via Beach Hypnosis and Meditation

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There is one priceless asset that no one can retrieve once it is lost: time. Laziness sneaks up on many of us in the form of daydreaming, avoiding tasks, or just goofing off instead of getting to work. Think of how much more you could accomplish if you could tame this unproductive habit. This hypnosis session is meant to help you do just that. It is about 11 minutes long and is a part of the Beach Hypnosis and Meditation Series.

The beach is the most effective place to induce a mindful and relaxed state of mind. Research has indicated the sound of water has a calming effect on the brain, leading to increased mindfulness, deep relaxation, and a feeling of being one with the universe. These healing properties occur even when just the sound of water is present.

This audiobook includes seven different ocean and beach soundtracks to help diversify your sessions. You can listen to a different version each day of the week or as often as you prefer. Each beach setting is designed to help you relax and increase the effectiveness of your session.

This audiobook includes the following seven beach settings:

1. Serenity on the Beach 2. Lakefront Home Private Shore 3. Quiet Reflection on the Beach 4. Gulf of Mexico Ocean Waves <5. Crashing Waves on Cliff 6. Ambient Oasis 7. Ocean Waves Crashing on Rocks

Don't let the days pass you by without accomplishing everything you want to accomplish. This hypnosis will help you stop wasting your time, get motivated right now, and live your life the way it was meant to be lived.

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