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Do you want to learn swing trading in the simplest and clearest way? Then, keep reading...

For trading success, not only do you have to master your strategy, you must, crucially, master yourself. You need to know yourself inside and out if you are to succeed in this endeavor. You need to put in a lot of work examining your beliefs about money, success, and what it is you want in life. Remember, if there’s a block in any of this, you will not be successful in trading, no matter how good your technical skill is.

Take the time to practice first, then get on a demo platform and only when you consistently make money on demo, go live. Many traders get impatient with this process and push forward as fast as possible. The specter of time is one of the biggest reasons for this. Most people reason that they need to become successful traders in the shortest time possible, or they want to be like that other trader who became a millionaire within a year and so on.

Letting go of time limits is one of the first things you need to do. Simply accept it will take however long it has to take, and you will eventually get there. 

Think of it this way: If you need to get to another town for an important engagement, will you worry about how long it takes to get there? Beyond the initial planning phase, probably not. You’ll simply travel to the place, and during your journey, you simply deal with whatever comes. You don’t sit there wishing you get there a day earlier or an hour earlier. You might wish for it, but it isn’t your overriding concern. You just accept that you arrive whenever it is you arrive.

Treat trading in the same manner and stick to the path prescribed in this book. As your skill progresses, you will find suitable tasks to take on to enhance and satisfy your new skill level. Above all else, maintain a balanced, calm mind-set and let it guide you forward.

By listening to this audiobook, you will learn the following;

Definition of swing trading
The basics of swing trading
Tools and platforms for swing trading
Technical analysis
The charting basics
Swing trading indicator tools
Swing trading trends
Swing trading guiding principles
Swing trading rules
Swing trading strategies
The routine of a swing trading
A comparison of swing trading, day trading, and position trading
Psychological analysis
 And much more!

Happy listening!

Jason Belvill
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6 april
Marco Privitera