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If you are looking to make a profit trading in the financial market, one of the best ways to penetrate the market is swing trading.

Swing trading is an attractive way to start trading, because it does not require you to keep your eyes glued to the computer screen. 

With a few bucks, knowledge, and commitment to learning, you can start capturing profits.

If you stay focused, learn strategies and ways of trading safely, you can compound your portfolio in a short time. 

The key to staying in the game is to manage your risk and avoid taking hasty trade decisions. 

Always begin each trade with a thorough technical and fundamental analysis. 

You can start with technical analysis and then back up your predictions through good technical analysis. Use technical indicators to know your entry and exit points and where to place stop-loss orders.

Diversify your portfolio through other financial instruments: options, stocks, Forex, crypto, and commodities. Before you diversify your portfolio, make sure you study and learn about the underlying trade for a long period of time. This will cause you to minimize your losses and maximizes your gains.

If you are looking to use swing trading as a source of daily income, you have to make sure you develop the winning mindset of successful swing traders. 

By developing the winning mindset and skillset of seasoned traders, you will see that you will begin to trade like a pro. 

Always remember that your trading account is a reflection of your behavior and attitude towards the market.

In this book, you will learn what it takes to start and capture a huge amount of profit to be successful in swing trading. Successful swing traders are fond of hiding their winning trading systems and strategies. But through this book, you get to learn the exact blueprint trading system and strategies used by the pro swing traders in the market:

The basic concept of swing trading
Day trading, swing trading, or buy and hold trading - a comparative analysis
How to determine your risk capital
How to choose a broker
How to set up a trading account
How to develop a trading plan
How to use swing trading as a source of income
Discover the swing trading style
Financial instruments for swing trading
Swing trading for EFT, options, crypto, Forex, and stocks 
How to read stock charts and identify trend lines
Technical indicators (support and resistance, volumes, moving averages, MACD)
Swing trading strategies and how to apply them
Risks and account management
Deadly swing trading mistakes to avoid
And much more....

Curtis Wright
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Mark Elder

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