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Utgivarens beskrivning

It is 1913 and the biggest question on the writer's mind, is not whether he and his wife will eventually have children or perhaps move away from Maybury Road; it is where and when will the Martians return?

For 10 years or so, he has savored the routine of his everyday life; but for how much longer can this comfortable existence continue? Unexpectedly, a Martian projectile from the earlier alien invasion is discovered in pristine condition, never opened and completely sealed from the Earth's atmosphere.

Are there Martians still alive inside it after a decade or more?

Shortly afterwards, a new and menacing Martian threat is observed in the sky. Really bad news has a tendency to come in threes....

During the brief but terrible Martian invasion, the writer had been a bystander, and to watch history repeat itself again is unthinkable. Instead of accepting the inevitable, he is driven to question obvious clues that may have been overlooked, choosing to act while there is still time.

In an unexpected turn of events, the writer takes his wife with him on a trek across the country to Wales. This journey becomes a revelation to them both as she becomes aware he guards secrets, and he is surprised by how resourceful, clever and fearless she is in her resolve.

The Earth is destined to become another Mars. Can an international attempt to save the planet succeed against all odds; or is it too little, far too late? The world awaits the Day of the Martians. Are you ready?

The Day of the Martians by H.E. Wilburson is a sequel to The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

An Author's Republic audio production.

Harry Preston
tim min
12 oktober
Author's Republic