The Perfect Storm: The Victory Of Defeat

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Imagine going through a series of back-to-back difficulties: relationship problems, financial crises, sicknesses, grief, abandonment- a plethora of other problems. You might actually be experiencing one of these difficulties yourself or in some cases; ALL OF THEM at the same time – It’s A Perfect Storm: an especially bad situation caused by a combination of unfavorable circumstances. The question isn’t whether or not YOU or SOMEONE you know is going through this. The real question is what will happen to YOU when you go through such crises? I am talking about the kind of difficulties that leave you hopeless and depressed- where death, and not life becomes a thought you constantly entertain; wishing, at the very least; that you were never even born.

THE PERFECET STORM - the victory of defeat is masterfully crafted to deliver doses of wisdom that will help you navigate your storms. It’s not a lecture. It’s an exciting and entertaining story that you will see yourself in as you relate to the experiences of the PROTAGONIST- Uhuru and the wise Josephus. You will also enjoy his moments with Keziah; Uhuru’s love interest. In him you will see yourself. In his losses, frustrations, hopelessness and depression you will relate. But most importantly, AND YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THIS – In his victory, you will see your own path to victory. Your hope and confidence will be restored and you will see a path to victory. You will realize that you were thrown off a cliff so that you could discover your wings.

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Larry Nobles
tim min
7 december
Dario Chongolo