Wicca for Beginners: The Complete Manual of Wiccan Beliefs and History: A Guide Made Simple to Start Learning to Use Candles, Crystals, Runes, Herbs, Magic Rituals, and Spells. Finds Your Path and Lives a Magical Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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Immerse yourself into the world of Wicca where you master all manner of Wicca magic spells and witchcraft to achieve different ends!

Wicca’s popularity as a religion has literally exploded over the last few years to become the fastest growing religion in the US and if the forecasts are anything to go by, it is on a journey to becoming one of the major religions in America, as scores of people from all over the world have shown interest in the religion.

But why has it grown so fast?
What does Wicca have to offer that is making people to want to become Wiccans?
What does Wicca entail?
What do Wiccans believe in; is there a god or goddess?
Is it all about Witchcraft?
Is it satanic?
How can someone get started as a new Wiccan?
What rituals and beliefs form the foundation of the religion?
What’s with the magic spells that form a major part of the religion?
What does casting spells entail and how do you even go about it?

If these are the kinds of questions running through your mind, this audiobook is perfect for you, as it covers the ins and outs of practicing Wicca as a complete beginner to help you to understand the religion, its beliefs, the rituals, the spells, and literally anything else you may want to know about the religion.

More precisely, this audiobook will teach you:

The basics about Wicca, including but not limited to what it is, what it entails, what Wiccans believe in, what you will be worshiping along with the history of how Wicca has evolved from less than 10,000 followers in 1970's to have over 8 million followers
The concept of spellcraft, including what it involves and how to practice
The different principles, rituals, and beliefs that govern the Wiccan religion, wiccan magic, and practices
The different types of magic that you can use on Wicca
The ins and outs of casting different kinds of spells using various supplies
The ins and outs of altars in Wicca, including whether you need one and how to set up your first altar
The lies that have been spread about Wicca, which have led to a lot of misconceptions, which you may be having
The different Wiccan holidays and festivals
The ins and outs of divination in Wicca
The book of shadows as part of the Wiccan religion, including how to keep your own book of shadows
And much more!

Whether you want to simply learn about the ins and outs of Wicca religion or want to start practicing it, you will find this audiobook easy to listen and follow.

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Wicca?

If you are, get this audiobook now to get started!

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